Artistic Labs


We offer 5 types of thematic artistic workshops:


Sumi-e, Craft, Nature, Kitchen, Print

  • Sumi-e. The art of Zen painting. The Japanese term “sumi” means black ink. We will imagine ourselves Japanese for an hour and with large brushes we will learn to use black ink. Our works will be light like the wind and sturdy like bamboo.


  • Craft: a game to take anywhere. Not a simple assignment, but a real game to use at home, to take on a trip. Simple materials, with which the child is already familiar, used in a new way, then rediscovered.


  • We become artists with nature. Nature has always inspired man and this time we don’t just want to depict it, but use it to express ourselves. We leave the brushes in the briefcase and use what we find in the park. Sensory and instinctive works of art.


  • Colors in the kitchen: simple ingredients of creativity. Michelangelo and Leonardo cooked their colors, just to make them become as they wanted them. Let’s find out how easy and fun it is to cook a work of art instead of a cake!
  • The art of printing: Printing is an ancient art, we are going back to the origins, digging our stamps, and printing on paper and fabric. Design is child’s play!